King Krule‘s career on the late night circuit is barely a week old. But what began with Letterman and continued last night on Conan O’Brien has given the world a glimpse into the future.

People are often surprised when they see King Krule in the flesh. Surprised might be the wrong word—stupefied could do the trick. You just don’t expect that deep, rolling, rumbling growl to come out of the twee teenage Englishman with a messy mop of red hair.

But the energy and anger that flows from Archy Marshall is very real, and he delivered a vicious rendition of “A Lizard State” on Conan to drive the point home, complete with the house horn section backing the band and delivering a couple delectable solos to boot.

The set and lights are all sickly yellows and greens, something straight out of Hunter S. Thompson’s dream-world or the Cantina from Star Wars. Marshall snarls throughout, providing a stark contrast to his earlier performance on Willis Earl Beal‘s new series, Church of Nobody. That versatility will come in handy down the line, and this certainly won’t be the last Conan has seen of King Krule.