Despite the fact that music streaming services were only introduced and made popular within the last 10 years, they’re more in demand now than ever before. Last Thursday, Nokia unveiled their new music radio service at New York City’s Milk Studios, which also featured a Q&A with Nile Rodgers. The free service, MixRadio, concentrates on a mechanism called PlayMe, something that Jyrki Rosenberg, Vice President and head of Nokia Entertainment, believes to be the most personalized music streaming service yet.

Here’s how PlayMe works: the service comes with an extensive library of songs (i.e. roughly 26 million songs) for users to choose from. The user is then prompted to pick out a few of their favorite artists, and the app will then generate a playlist that reflects those choices. Similar to Pandora, users can press “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on the suggested songs they would like to hear more or less of on the mix, which will prompt a fine-tuned algorithm to further personalize the user’s playlist. The more you listen, the more personalized your mix will become.

Rosenberg has personally experienced the benefits of this algorithm. “MixRadio is about discovering, and rediscovering music,” he said, as he shared an anecdote about how the service played an old song from an artist that he and his wife went to see perform when they were first dating, simply based on his likes and dislikes.

On top of these personalized playlists, Nokia has also teamed up with artists such as Nile Rodgers and DeadMau5 to create genre-specific mixes that are also available on MixRadio.
Currently, it’s available in 31 countries, and at the premium level, users can get unlimited downloads and web listening. Windows Phone users can download it here.