Everyone’s a sound editing expert nowadays so, as a result, sometimes the Internet can be a dangerous space for avid music fans looking for rare records online. That especially includes Reddit stans. Last night, someone posting under the name “Secondary Resource” (the name really should’ve been a red flag) invaded the “Eminem” subreddit claiming to have obtained a demo version of Eminem’s classic Marshall Mathers LP—at a yard sale of all places. If true, it would be holy grail type stuff for hip-hop fans and collectors.

UPDATE: It appears “Secondary Resource” has removed both the original Reddit post screenshot below as well as the .mp3 download/stream.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.48.32 AM

“Secondary Resource” then proceeded to do some next-level trolling, first, dropping the news without any photos of the tape or links to download and then saying he or she had to go to a party but left the tape with someone to rip onto a CD. But before that, the user included a RapGenius-esque explanation for all the nit-picky differences between the demo and released LP that the poster noticed after listening:

1st difference – There is no skit in Criminal. 2nd difference – The “Bad Influence” skit is someone in a car listening to Eminem while doing a drive-by, and then proceeding to wreck a police vehicle 3rd difference – This is a big one. Stan has no 4th verse. 4th difference – Shit on You has a way different beat. It’s not a hip-hop beat, more like a mellow guitar beat. 5th difference – Kill You’s hook has no “Shady…will fucking kill you” 6th difference – I’m Back has 2 hooks, and is one long verse. It has no Columbine line, presumably an early censor. 7th difference – Drug Ballad’s beat is completely different. 8th difference – Cheating Bitch is Eminem calling what is presumably Kim, and having an unknown man reply, and ends with Eminem laughing, cocking a shotgun, and ending the call. 9th difference – Amityville has no Bizarre. 10th difference – ICP (skit) is the Ken Kaniff skit. 11th difference – Marshall Mathers begins with “FUCKING HOMOS!”, which is the same from Bizarre’s verse on Amityville.

Because what better way to fool people than to look like you know what you’re talking about. Finally, “Secondary Resource” uploaded the tape to Sharebeast in the form of an extended .mp3, and what listeners heard was a fuzzy, chopped up replica of the MMLP that sounded like a kid recorded the real album on his phone from a shoddy stereo system and then played around with it on GarageBand. Skip to 18:52 where “Shit On You” begins, and you’ll immediately notice the editing hack job.

Despite the suspicious nature of, well, everything about this story, a few commenters were convinced this person had indeed found the real thing. See the Internet get played: