What’s an album roll-out anyway? Without any warning, Beyoncé quietly shared her self-titled album on iTunes earlier tonight to wrap up perhaps one of the most eventful years in music. Beyoncé: The Visual Album is a star-studded effort, featuring Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, and even little Blue Ivy, over 14 songs and 17 videos. All hail King Bey. Purchase the album over at iTunes.


UPDATE: According to Billboard and industry sources, Bey’s new album sold 80,000 units in just three hours. It’ll be interesting to compare first week sales of Beyoncé with that of 4, Beyoncé’s 2011 album, which sold 310,000 in its first week.

Watch 30-second previews of all the videos from Beyoncé below.



“Drunk In Love”




“Pretty Hurts”


“No Angel”





“Grown Woman”