Beyoncé‘s 14-song, 17-video midnight ambush had the Twittersphere buzzing like swarm of… well, bees. Most fans were overjoyed, or overwhelmed, or even asphyxiating over the news. But clearly, many of them overlooked the fact that an album of this size takes up all the space on one’s phone or tablet device, Beyoncé.

More like Queen Inconsiderate. Thankfully, Twitter is also full of people who understand these things—people who understand that when real hardship comes knocking at your door, you tweet right back at it, and you say, “Hey, Beyoncé, Miss Queen Bee, Miss Walking Goddess: how much goddamn storage space do you think I have?” Twitter’s happy about your new album, Bey. Truly. But Twitter, as evidenced below, is also very seriously concerned over their phone’s storage space.