2013 was a big year for Chance The Rapper. His Acid Rap mixtape was one of the best albums of the year, and he garnered major buzz without signing a major label record deal. But back in 2009 he was going by Chano and part of a group called Instrumentality. That’s when he made this video for “Beddy Bye,” a touching ode to Chicago.

The song was written when Chance found out that he had to move from Chicago to Washington, DC because of his dad’s job as campaign manager for Barack Obama. In the video, shared on September 28 of 2009, Chance reflects on school, friends, working on the Obama campaign with his dad, and growing up in Chicago. The video flashes pictures of the young rapper’s Chicago memories as “Beddy Bye” plays, and it’s a glimpse into why, even then, Chance was showing signs of becoming a special talent.

Chance talks about the song in this short 2009 interview: