It isn’t easy to maintain a fanbase when the music industry is as competitive as it is nowadays, hence extensive tours and elaborate stage set-ups. Wondering which act put in the most work this year? Songkick, a website that helps with tracking one’s favorite bands, compiling all tour dates, and allows users to browse concerts in their area, has taken the liberty to compile their data and generate a list of the hardest working musicians of 2013. Topping their list is Local Natives, who performed 188 shows, and traveled 192,486 km. Others who made the list include Kendrick Lamar, Papa Roach, Willie Nelson, and Miguel.

This, of course, raises the question as to whether “toured a lot” really means the same thing as “hardest working” (in short, it doesn’t). Diplo, for example, played a number of shows on his own, as well as with Major Lazer for the majority of the year, on top of his Las Vegas residencies. Ta-ku released songs, albums, mixes, remixes, and collaborations on a frequent basis. Considering that Songkick only has data pertaining to touring, it leaves a lot out in terms of projects recorded, released, and promoted. Regardless, the data below is still insightful (e.g. Papa Roach ranks sixth in most shows played in 2013, which is higher than what Justin Bieber ranked). Take a look at the infographics based on Songkick’s database below.

(Songkick Blog)