Last week, the 2014 Governors Ball released its full lineup, which included an impressive list of headliners: OutKast, Vampire Weekend, Jack White, and a late addition The Strokes. And just as the festival’s promotors/producers Jordan Wolowitz, Tom Russell, and Yoni Reisman did last year, the trio took to Reddit yesterday to host an AMA. Aside from general FAQ topics, some of what the Gov Ball team had to say about this year’s festival was actually pretty revealing.

For starters, each of the headlining sets are 1 hour and 45 minutes; in other words, nearly two hours of OutKast and the Strokes glued to their respective stages. And despite having three days and four headliners, none of their sets will overlap. Also, OutKast is currently scheduled for Friday. Take a look at what else we learned about the 2014 Governors Ball below.

Eminem was originally booked as a headliner:

We actually had Eminem locked in to headline the festival this year. He backed out about a month ago, because he got a bigger offer to headline some stadiums with Rihanna. We were pissed. But now he owes us a huge favor…and it lead to us getting The Strokes. Holler. -JW

The Strokes had an open invitation to headline:

We have tried to book The Strokes every single year that Gov Ball has existed. They essentially have had an open invite to play when they wanted. We got a call from their agent at the very last minute, saying that they wanted to reunite and play at the festival. Dream come true for us. We’re New York City kids, and they are the greatest NYC rock band of our generation. BOOM. -JW

They tried to book Drake, Lady Gaga, and the Arctic Monkeys:

We did try for Drake actually. The timing didn’t work for him. Next time!

The timing [for the Arctic Monkeys] didn’t work out.

Definitely considered Gaga this year. She already confirmed 7 Roseland’s and an MSG play, so that was that.

The Strokes and Julian Casablancas’ sets are scheduled for different days:

Jules Friday, Strokey Strokes Saturday…as of now.

They scheduled around the FIFA World Cup:

We did think about this, actually. Honestly we were kinda hoping it would be during the world cup so we could have a huge tent and huge screen to show it, but timing worked out as it did. -YR

BONUS: They actually knew Yeezus existed when they booked Kanye West to headline last year:

We knew he was working on a new record and we had hoped he would play the newer songs but there was no guarantee. We are happily surprised. – T