We’re still waiting on a new album from Lykke Li, but it looks like she’s been staying busy with other endeavors. She’s starring in a movie. The Swedish singer shared the trailer on Instagram, saying, “Finally! The trailer for the film I did last year with Tarik Salehs film Tommy.”

Here’s what else we know:

– It’s a Swedish crime thriller
– It’s called Tommy
– It’s out March 14

The description of the movie (translated from Swedish):

A week before Christmas, lands Estelle Smith at Arlanda. A year ago she fled head over heels with her husband Tommy and their daughter, after Tommy took part in one of the biggest robberies ever in Swedish criminal history. Police suspect that Tommy is dead, but Estelle seeks out Tommy’s former cronies and says that Tommy is on his way home. He wants his share of rough booty now. Word is spreading like wildfire through Stockholm’s underworld. If Tommy comes home, comes to town to explode. And if he will not … can something worse happen.

Tommy is the story of the woman behind the man behind the headlines. A modern myth about when the Queen came home and the city burned. If two sisters, two mothers, three daughters and their men.

Watch the trailer above. I’m gonna go learn Swedish. Mitt nya mål är att lära sig svenska före mars 14.