There are some things better left unsaid. For those things, there are gifs. And while the Shoutbox settles most of the on-site debates, the internet age allows us to dip into higher levels of communication.

The comment box can be a source of enlightenment though it’s mostly full of blind rage.┬áSo we bring unto you a response: the lessons of Ron Swanson and kitten galaxies to share with the rest of the world. They can be applied to all walks of life. Here are some gif responses to just a random smattering of P&P comments.

Commenter: Trillbau
Post: Most Commented Posts of the Year

this was a stupid idea for a post. i hate you.


Commenter: Devin Middleton
Post: The P&P Staff Lists their Favorite Albums of 2013

Dude, why attack people b/c they have different taste than you? And why should their be a rubric for liking music? Music is subjective. The qualities that I prefer may not be the same for you n that’s OKAY.


Commenter: Pancake McKennz
Post: Seinabo Sey – “Younger”

the vocals came in and my hand went up like I was testifying in church


Commenter: Nemesis Enforcer
Post: Araabmuzik remixes Skrillex Live

skrillex fucking rips. you’re probably just butthurt because your boy tyler the creator (who is one of the softest rappers ever) didn’t get nominated. this whole blog can suck cocks in hell.


Commenter: Kendall Walls
Post: The Strangest Rapper Ad-Libs

How did you NOT include Chance the Rapper?


Commenter: Pancake McKennz
Post: P&P Got a Redesign!

just like in the movies, P&P is so beautiful after the makeover, but the beauty was always inside this shy and awkward and geeky girl.

Commenter: Sensei Rydis
Post: Here’s What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics to your Ex

These post separate P&P from the rest of the interwebz


Commenter: Pancake McKennz
Post: Sunny & Gabe – “Forget Love”

wtf, i want a pet squirrel. song is nice too but that squirrel though


Commenter: Tamara
Post: You, Not You

this website is like a sunny day mixed with maple syrup on a plate of scrambled eggs and fuckin, strawberries and shit. i love you, con.


Commenter: x97sfinest
Post: Macklemore’s Grammy Performance to Feature 34 Couples Getting Married On Stage

This is literally the stupidest thing… Mackelmore needs to fall into a deep, deep hole and never crawl out


Commenter: Devin Middleton
Post: Willis Earl Beal Gives a Sermon on “Unimportance”

zamn, cool message. him and Bino need to have a conversation.


Commenter: Rob J Hyland Monks
Post: Rick Ross Doesn’t Understand what Lorde’s “Royals” Is About

How many times can this fool fuck up and still have a career?