With Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated Her in theaters now, the music video turned feature film director took to Reddit for an AMA tonight. In addition to delving into the film’s creation as well as his extensive love for Nicolas Cage (we’re obsessed too), Jonze also shared some kind words about Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, who he worked with on the film’s score which is up for Best Original Score at the Academy Awards:

Win Butler is very tall. It feels like he’s a foot taller than me. He wears size 15 shoes and my entire foot with my shoe on it fits inside his shoe. He’s also one of my favorite songwriters of all time. He’s all heart in the body of a giant Texan man.

I gotta say as a fan of Arcade Fire, it was pretty special to be working with them in their studio in Montreal, the way they wrote the music was very communal and we would all sit around and watch scenes and whoever had an idea would pick up an instrument and start playing it.

He then went on to talk about working with Daft Punk during the duo’s early years.

D.A.F.T. was a collection of music videos from their first album, and I directed the first video from that album, and it was “Da Funk.” And it was amazing because when I met them, they were probably 22 years old, they made the album in their bedroom (their first album was “Homework”), and they just were so fully formed and knew who they were. They knew they didn’t want to sign a major label deal that gave away all their rights to a major corporation. They have always kept control and the rights to everything they’ve ever done, and followed just what interested them. They are very genuine and sweet men, and obviously musical geniuses.

You can now stream Arcade Fire’s entire Oscar-nominated score for Her below, which Jonze explained in the AMA has no expected official release date.