Looks like the relationship between Dr. Dre and the label he once co-founded, Death Row Records, hasn’t improved over time. The music mogul is now suing Death Row for $3 million in unpaid royalties. The lawsuit, which was originally filed in December 2013, claims that Death Row owes Dr. Dre $1,200,386.57 for unpaid artist-producer royalties, $1,179,913 for digital sales, and $676,444.44 for mechanical royalties. The $3 million comes from records sold after the Death Row Estate filed for bankruptcy in 2006, according to the lawsuit.

Dr. Dre previously sued the label the same year it filed for bankruptcy over the rights to The Chronic due to unpaid royalties and, again, in 2010 for the unauthorized re-release of The Chronic Re-Lit and the unpaid royalties from those sales. This new lawsuit also claims Dr. Dre has yet to receive a bonus that would increase his earnings from Death Row album sales from 18 to 20 percent.

Some quick history: though Suge Knight is named in the lawsuit, he hasn’t been CEO of Death Row since the company filed for bankruptcy. Death Row was sold to WIDEawake Entertainment Group in 2009, and Entertainment One (eOne) now owns the rights to the label’s catalogue as of 2013.

For anyone looking to sift through the nitty-gritty law jargon, you can read the court documents via Radar Online.