Yep, still in love with Hockeysmith, and their bewitching, beguiling music.

The duo,┬ásisters Georgie and Annie from the UK, stunned us last summer with “Let’s Bang,” a swirl of gorgeous melodies layered in reverb, which they followed up with another impressive track, “Meanwhile.” They return today with not just a new song but a stunning video,┬ádirected by Davy Evans who created the artwork for The xx’s Coexist album as well as the videos for “Chained” and “Angels,” and has worked with Zomby and Fryars, amongst others.

The audio/visual combination is a stunning re-introduction to Hockeysmith, while the song’s distorted riffs and clearer vocals make it the duo’s most focussed, pointed, and best song to date. Check it out above.