St. Vincent is about to drop her self-titled album, and in anticipation of that, she hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything session earlier today. Tackling a bounty of questions from eager fans (there was more than one person who asked about her favorite sandwich), Annie Clark covers everything from her favorite rap album, to potential forthcoming collaborations.

Read some highlights from the AMA session below. St. Vincent officially arrives tomorrow.

Reddit user: Hello! I’m a massive fan of your sound and style. I had a question about your writing. Do you just wait until inspiration hits or do you force yourself to write a song every week etc.? Do you normally start with lyrics, music or do they all just get done together? In spirit of my username, what is your favorite kind of sandwich? Thanks so much for doing this AMA

i collect ideas, words, melodies when i’m on the road. when it’s time to write an album, i go to work every day. 10-7. day job!

Reddit user: Annie, what would be on your ideal sandwich?
Also, “The Apocalypse Song” has always given me chills. I’m glad you understand basic astrophysics!

peanut butter and jelly.
i’m glad you like physics too!

Reddit user: Annie, of all the venues you have performed in, which one is your favorite? How about your favorite venue to see a show?

honestly, any place where people are in the room and psyched to see the show is a great venue.

Reddit user: All-time favorite rap album?

dre – the chronic

Reddit user: Envious guitarist here… I’ll understand if this is personal, but what in the hell do you use to get that low, vicious distorted guitar tone? You know the one, like a grizzly bear roaring on hind legs, wielding a chainsaw in each hand. When you blast into those heavy parts from your warm, delicate clean tones, it makes me want to fuck shit up. In a good way.

if you want to fuck shit up, you should definitely fuck shit up.

Reddit user: Will you ever collaborate with Sufjan again? Cheers for the music, the new album’s great.

i love sufjan’s music. i played in his band for a couple of tours on “come on feel the illinois(e)?” — it would give me too much credit to say i “collaborated” with him. he’s a beautiful musician.

Reddit user: What artists have inspired your music the most?
and do you listen to Death Grips?

i like death grips, yeah!

Reddit user: Can we get a Janelle Monáe collaboration?

love J monae! db and i saw her at the borgata a few weeks ago and her talent and showmanship was IMMENSE.

Reddit user: Are there some albums or artists that you think that deserve more attention but are not getting enough love? I´d love to see some reccomendations.
Are there any plans for a South America tour? I’d be really, really happy to see you live in Colombia.
I love your music!

so many artists! taking a couple great ones on tour — noveller and holly herndon in the US. and plans to come to SA later this year.

Reddit user: Hello! What got you into music? Did you ever want to be anything but a musician? (also, whats krokodil like live?) I can’t imagine it being anything but awesome)

i always wanted to be a musician. i think if you have a plan b you’ll never do plan a.

Reddit user: What music were you playing the most while you were in high school?

cibo matto, solex, pj harvey, nick cave, tool, and then lots of jazz.

Reddit user: Hello, Ms. Clark.
I quite appreciate your taste for sequencing albums, in particular the force with which you tend to start and end them. When do you finally settle on the order in which songs should flow? Do you begin to envision something as an opening and / or closing track as they’re being written, performed, mixed, etc.?

it’s very hard to strike the right balance! know when to push and when to relax. i knew rattlesnake had to be first and severed crossed fingers last, but everything else was a rubix cube.