Lily Allen’s always possessed an off-kilter sense of humor, so you never really know what to expect from one of her videos. Yesterday, we heard her electro-pop jam “L8 CMMR” for the Girls soundtrack, and today she releases the visuals for “Air Balloon,” the second single off her upcoming album. There aren’t any actual air balloons in the video because that just would’ve been too easy for the cartoonish singer. Instead, she flew to South Africa to shoot a dizzy, nonsensical video that will make you feel like you’re on drugs (shrooms, specifically, if you pay attention to one scene). The video was filmed with a camera that never stays still for a second, spinning around between shots of Allen randomly perched atop a zebra and somehow caressing a cheetah. It then ends with Allen floating into outer space followed by an extremely large and random crucifix. If you’re having difficulty processing any of that, you’re definitely not alone.

Get lost in Allen’s playhouse world in the “Air Balloon” video above.