“I’m so up for real singers who want to speak to an audience in a way that is honest and not overwhelmed by other aspects in the music,” Kwabs told us in our new interview with the London singer. That authentic soulful quality Kwabs refers to is what consistently impresses us about him. The original version of his SOHN collaboration “Last Stand” demonstrates a rare genuine artistry and passion in his voice. But for a new session performance of the song, he abandons the bulk of SOHN’s majestic, haunting production in favor of a more orchestral rendition. Backed by a keyboard, cello, guitar, a female singer and some light percussion, Kwabs delivers a spine-tingling, powerful rendition of “Last Stand.” In many ways, it’s better than the original because it sees Kwabs shine in his element: consummately emotive and in control.

Watch Kwabs perform “Last Stand” above. His EP Wrong or Right is out now.


(The 405)