When news broke late last year that Pharrell would release his second solo album in 2014, his first in eight years, the first thing that crossed a lot of people’s minds was where does he even find the time? Between producing for damn near everyone in music, scoring Oscar-nominated films, and dabbling in fashion and design, it’s unreal there’s any room left to focus on his own music projects. But we already know Pharrell isn’t your average human, and so today he announces his next album titled GIRL will be released in just two weeks on March 3.

He’s also shared the album artwork where we see him dressed in nothing but a bathrobe and sunglasses, surrounded by three other women wearing the same. There’s also a brief trailer for the album, which doesn’t reveal much other than it’ll feature an orchestra. And according to a press release, the album will “feel festive and urgent.” From the iTunes pre-order we also know it’ll have 11 songs, including “Happy.”

See the artwork for GIRL above, and watch its trailer below. GIRL will be out March 3 via Columbia.