In the past months, it has become increasingly clear that Young Thug is one of hip-hop’s next stars. Publicized cosigns from Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Kanye West have boosted his buzz and mainstream attention, and rumors have been swirling about what label he’ll end up with. He’s been connected with Gucci Mane, but he told Complex about an offer from Future, and an Instagram video with Birdman (below) had a lot of people speculating that he was signing with Cash Money Records, home of his favorite rapper Lil Wayne.

In an interview with Mass Appeal, Thug was asked straight up if he was signed to Cash Money, and he said that he was.

But he did perk up when I asked him if he officially signed to Cash Money. ‘Yo, is it official now? Are you signed to Cash Money?’ Young Thug immediately turned away from about 50 flashing lights, searched for the dude who asked him what seemed to be the dumbest question in the world, and said, ‘Yeah. I signed.’

Still, Thug went on to explain that although he signed, it’s not 100%. Read the full story on Mass Appeal.