I don’t mind Twitter submissions. They never bothered me as much as they seem to bother so many other music journalists and bloggers. But, to be completely honest, they usually aren’t very good. There are plenty of possible reasons for that, but more importantly, there are exceptions. These exceptions make it worth checking out Twitter submissions. This time, it paid off.

Atlanta artist 6lack tweeted last night. Instead of tweeting at @PigsAndPlans and asking to be heard, he crafted a call to action to his own fans.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.05.44 AM

Within 20 minutes, he had over 50 retweets and my timeline was filled with people vouching for him. Also, I was flattered because I love it when people call P&P awesome. So I listened. And here we are.

See for yourself—the song is dope, and it makes the 10 other shitty Twitter recommendations I listened to that day worth it. If websites and blogs are going to pick up where radio left off, why not take requests? This one’s for Atlanta and everyone who said they want to see 6lack on Pigeons & Planes. Thanks for the recommendation.

Download the track on SoundCloud: