This morning I woke up with Cheez-Its in my hair. It’s not something I’m proud of but it’s something that happened and I was forced to either waste perfectly good Cheez-Its or just eat them. So I ate them. After you eat leftover Cheez-Its you found in your hair that you bought at the bodega next to your apartment at 2 a.m. because you’re drunk, there’s not much that can save that day. Even if you remember to mail your rent check or managed to squeeze on the subway right as the doors were closing, your victory is fleeting because it’s always interrupted with the thought, “Okay but you still ate those Cheez-It’s this morning.”

This was the path my day was spiraling down until Twitter brought to my attention Starring Diddy. The Tumblr imagines what it would look like if Diddy starred in every popular TV show, from House of Cards and Girls to Breaking Bad and Mad Men. It’s absolutely brilliant and full of LOLs. I mean, look at Diddy up there as Olivia Pope! Nailed it!