Justin Bieber just cannot stay away from negative headlines at the moment. He was arrested recently, then a petition was started to have him deported, and now TMZ (who seem to have eyes and ears everywhere) have obtained 4 and a half hours of video footage from Bieber’s┬ádeposition in the lawsuit where his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photographer.

TMZ have put together some clips from the deposition which you can watch here. The videos do not make happy watching, especially if you are a poor, simple Belieber who thinks Justin is just a nice, sweet guy (probably not that many of our readers then).

Various highlights (or, should we say, lowlights) include Bieber winking at the camera, insulting the lawyer questioning him, confusing “detrimental” with “instrumental,” and generally just being an arrogant little manchild.

Watch the videos above and below, all via TMZ.