Jay Electronica is planning something.

Earlier this month, Jay Elec got a little liquor in his system and hit Twitter to share his thoughts on topics such as Lil B, Kanye West, and smoking weed. He tweeted a lot of wisdom, but in the middle of it all he casually confirmed that his album would be out this year.

Today, he hits Twitter again to introduce a new YouTube page. “i was gonna tweet, but I’m gonna go youtube commenting instead. Whats your youtube channel? anyone?,” he said, before sharing his own page. Then he tweeted something a little more cryptic: “ps, we are going to try and burst the heavens open on July 12th.”

Who knows if it’s an album release date, an upcoming single, or something else Jay has up his sleeve—it is, after all, a Saturday. But on his YouTube page he left a message: “Welcome everyone. This will be my main avenue of sharing for the rest of the year. Thank you all for the love and support. Let Us Make Man.” So keep an eye on Jay’s YouTube page.

Check out all his tweets, plus some reactions, above.

UPDATE: Miss Info tweeted at him asking if it was an album, and Jay responded: “no ma’am. Im referring to the show.” Jay Electronica is headlining the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on the 12th.

Also, en excerpt from Anecdotes, Poetry, and Incidents of the War: North and South : 1860-1865, by Frank Moore:

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