Image via Best Tickets Blog

Image via Best Tickets Blog

Swearing and profanity have been inextricable parts of rap for decades now. As gangsta rap rose in the early ’90s, a whole new section of hip-hop emerged centered on unfiltered lyricism and hard-hitting realities. In partnership with this sub-genre, profanity has often been used to communicate violence, urgency, ignorance, and more in rap, and it’s hard to imagine what the art form would look like without it.

To show just how prominent salty language has become in rapping, Best Tickets Blog put together a study detailing the most profane hip-hop albums since 1985, choosing from each year’s five “most influential” albums, and then tallying up words like f*ck, b*tch, skeet, ass, and more. With this data, they were able to figure out profanity trends in hip-hop from year to year, and also figure out individual statistics like the crudest songs, albums or artists.

For instance, according to their criteria, the group found out that Tupac’s All Eyez on Me and Until the End of Time had the most swear words out of the 145 albums they examined. However, by another measure, Geto Boys beat Tupac out with an average of 46.4 profanities per track. Within their study, they also found that Bun B’s “Some Hoes” had the most swear words on a track-by-track basis.

Furthermore, the data also reveals interesting trends relating to misogyny and homophobia within rap, detailing which years featured the most homophobic or misogynistic slurs in the genre.

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