Image via Urban Islandz

Image via Urban Islandz

Time to update the Forbes list. Recent business developments between Apple and Beats Electronics have the Cupertino tech giant poised to purchase Dr. Dre’s flourishing music hardware company. The acquisition will include both Beats By Dre and Beats Music, and the New York Post has even claimed that Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine will be joining Apple as a “‘special advisor’ to Tim Cook on creative matters.”

Shortly after news broke that the deal was in place, model, actor and singer Tyrese posted an Instagram of himself with Dr. Dre in full celebration mode. In the clip, Dr. Dre is shown in the background yelling, “The first billionaire in hip hop. Right here from the motherf**king West Coast.” The clips were taken down from Instagram, but have been re-posted on YouTube. You can watch the full video below.

Hopefully, someone is around to console Diddy. The music mogul was on track to become the first rapper to earn a billi, but if this deal goes through, it looks like he’ll have to settle for second place.