Last week my mom called me, very frustrated. “Your father made me put all my documents into folders and now I can’t find any of the documents,” she explained. “When I put them in the folder, where do they go? How do I rewind and go back to before they were in the folder? Also, I can’t find Solitaire now either.” My mom does not get technology. Most parents don’t. Not even parents of famous rap stars, like Drake.

Dennis Graham (aka Drizzy’s father) has over 65,000 followers on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean he understands the app. He posts screenshots of photos girls send him via Instagram Direct, and ones of girls he meets out in the club. He uploads pictures of pictures he has on Facebook. He loves fan art of his son, no matter how creepy. Sometimes he uses it as a way to relay messages to his friends and followers. He is exactly like what you’d expect a dad on Instagram to be like, and his account is all the better for it. So while everyone else is posting pictures of diamond watches and their customized Maybachs, Dennis will just keep quietly killing it by sharing pictures like this.

Below, see some of his best Instagrams, along with his captions.