2014 has been a good year for music videos. Sia’s “Chandalier” was spectacular, M.I.A.’s “Double Bubble Trouble” was awesome, and clipping.’s “Work Work” was fantastic. Faces On Film might not be a familiar name, but their new video for “The Rule” has people taking notice. The video was directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada with animation by Cameron Clark, and it’s been chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick for good reason. “The Rule” is from Faces On Film’s Elite Lines, released earlier this year. Watch the video above.

Mike from Faces On Film:

Carlos struck at an idea that’s central to the song, and to the whole record, with absolutely no direction from me. Something about the idea of loss and redemption as a cycle, taking turns overpowering each other. He extracted that on his own. I felt like any themes I sent him would just be restrictions. I wanted it to be natural—and it is. That’s what makes this so special to me.

Director Carlos Lopez Estrada:

Mike mentioned to me a few months ago that the album had a theme of loss and redemption, and I knew that we had to find an interesting way to explore this with the video. We used a technique of combining live-action footage with flat 2d animation that I like because it contrasts entirely with the tone of the music. It’s this tragic story of biblical proportions told in the most bright and colorful of ways. It is strange and conflicting, but hopefully unique.