Inviting Tyler, The Creator into the office on a Wednesday afternoon seems like the perfect way to liven things up and boost morale, right? Ergh, maybe not. Someone let Tyler into the Buzzfeed offices today and here’s what happened, according to the people present. It doesn’t sound like the best experience, but shit, maybe they’ll be able to make a viral list about it.

UPDATE: Tyler responded to some of the Tweets from Buzfeed staffers, saying, among other thing, “AND TRUST IM SMARTER AND MORE AWARE THAN ALL OF THEM IN THAT OFFICE.” His tweets are at the end of the gallery below.


Here’s what Buzzfeed’s office looks like when Tyler’s not in it:


UPDATE: Tyler told HuffPost Live what he thought about the whole thing.

“Half the people [at Buzzfeed] didn’t like me… I guess some of the people who work in the office [were like], ‘I’m above this, oh my god, we’re working, we have strong opinions,’… We just came in there trying to bring in so much yellow freaking filling to their gray, boring lives… Dude, you have a Nerf gun in the office. How do you have a Nerf gun in there if you don’t want anybody messing with it?”