Only two songs from TĀLĀ have been released, but we are already extremely excited about the bright future of one of this year’s most intriguing artists. If you’re not up to speed, TĀLĀ is a London-based singer and producer of Iranian descent who entered into our consciousness with the colorful lurch of “The Duchess” and then immediately topped that with the sugar-rush of a futuristic pop anthem that is “Serbia.

The video for “Serbia” was shot by TĀLĀ and director Katia Ganfield in the streets of Marrakech, Morocco, and successfully reflects the song’s vital, colorful energy. The song and video combine for an enjoyable sensory overload, and will provide you with a brief escape from any of the day’s mundanity. Check it out above.

TĀLĀ’s debut EP is out June 2. Pre-order here or download “Serbia” on its own here.