Floyd Mayweather is a bit a show-off. Instead of coming out to his new favourite song, the boxer decided to get Lil Wayne to perform it for him instead. Performing the lead single from¬†Tha Carter V,¬†Wayne delivered the live debut of “Believe Me,” once again accompanied by Justin Bieber trying to work his toughest face. As far as substitutes for Drake go, Justin Bieber looking all Tumblr doesn’t sound like a cheap one.

It’s bizarre enough that Wayne is performing his new single for a boxer as he walks into the ring, but why Bieber? Is this perhaps a part of his continuing attempts to be a part of the hip hop world? I mean, coming out with Chance the Rapper at Coachella whilst emulating the look of Yung Lean was a strong start, but you look just a little silly here biebz. Not a strong look.

Watch the clip above.