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    Jhene Aiko's dad

    Instagram Name: karamochill

    Since joining Instagram in April, Jhene Aiko’s dad has managed to post 13 photos (which could be too little or too much depending on who you ask). But he’s a doctor, so he’s got much more important things to do. On his downtime, Dr. Karamo Chilombo also use his Facebook page to post things that will inspire others. His frequent messages of love and photos with peace signs shouldn’t be a surprise to any fans of Jhene Aiko, since those are the same values she shares with her followers.


    Caption: "Your shadow is a real flection of your timeless and placeless soul. No matter your skin color or culture it has been ever will be and is Black! Embrace your blackness because it is who we all are but just don't realize it. So honor the pioneers of this hue man race!"


    Caption: "Coachella 2014 next year Jhene Aiko will headline!"