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    Robb Bank$' dad

    Instagram Name: direalshaggy

    If you’re just finding out that South Florida rapper Robb Bank$ is the son of popular reggae artist Shaggy, just let that sink in for a moment. Surprisingly, Shaggy is actually more active on the internet than his son. Weren’t able to make it carnival this year? No worries, Shaggy has you covered... with at least 20 photos of the festivities to make your FOMO even worse. But when he's not out partying, Shaggy’s Instagram is full of family photos which include rare appearances by Robb.


    Caption: "#notdoingshitday! Not without proper beach attire!"


    Caption: "They be like..... You know' dad be always on one of them lylo's .... Can he swim?lol"