Keep it real: the “fuck her right in the pussy” guy, fake or real, is one of the funniest things to hit the Internets this year… right? I mean, it looks real, and is so abrupt and absurd, how are you NOT laughing? Plus, it actually opens up the discussion on the “right” or “best” way(s) to video bomb live television news reporting. While most video bombs are bros trying to be funny at a newscaster’s expense (with a lot of reporters actually throwing shots back), it’s surprising that New York PIX11’s Mario Diaz didn’t know who Erykah Badu is. Maybe its a testament to her cool that she can go from a Do The Right Thing Day Block Party to making finger sex motions and trying to kiss Diaz during his live report, all while wearing a white Pharrell/Arby’s hat. It’s quick, hilarious, and as you can see by the images up above, not done with any malice. You’re welcome.

(The Smoking Section, Gawker)