“I said I take care of my kids but I’m flexin on my baby mama, I’m like damn I should have worn a condom,” is the not-so-subtle start to 2 Chainz‘s appropriately named song, “Flexin On My Baby Mama.” The song dropped back in May as a part of theĀ Freebase mixtape, and yesterday 2 Chainz followed it up with a video. It’s everything you’d expect from a video with that title, or from any 2 Chainz production for that matter.

The flickering visuals follow an iced-out 2 Chainz doing what he does best, flexin’. From rapping in front of a fleet of cars, to painting a dollar sign (yes you heard that right, 2:09), to wearing designer threads, the video is the perfect platform for the rapper’s boastful lyrics. Watch it above, and instead of being envious, imagine yourself as 2 Chainz (minus the baby mama though).