Joywave’sTongues” was one of those songs last summer that we couldn’t get out of our heads. Now the band has shared the video for the song, and it leaves a similarly lasting impression. The slightly-NSFW clip features a group of naked people running through the woods being chased down by hunters who opposed their carefree lifestyle.

If the quirky feel of the video seems reminiscent of another video you saw recently, that’s because it was directed by The Daniels, the same duo who’s responsible for DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon’s kooky “Turn Down For What” video. “We can’t really take credit for the idea. The Daniels (directors) sent it over and we loved it,” the band stated. “It was just the right amount of absurd, but it appealed to our inner-smarm at the same time. It pokes fun at the whole facepaint/native/free spirit cliche thing that has become so prominent over the last 5 or 6 years.”

The band went on to explain, “The song feels very light-hearted musically, but the lyrics give it a deeper purpose. I suppose the video carries a similar duality. It’s fun, but it’s kind of poking fun at counter-culture at the same time.” “Tongues” is featured on Joywave’s How Do You Feel? EP, watch the entertaining video above.