Now that Poliça has reissued their darkly seductive Shulamith album, the Minnesotan synth-pop band is able to showcase the rest of their skill set. Topping the list is a penchant for theatrics—the new video for “Raw Exit” is full of ornate costumes and sets that feature devious paisley wallpaper, melting candelabras, and seaweed curtains.

“Raw Exit” has a dark, glittering sound that band members Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh match with strobing lights and swirling backdrops. Perspective shifts and distorts to the beat, creating layers of images (samurai swords, black light lipstick, wigs) that mirror the song’s equally complex production.

The Shulamith deluxe reissue was released today, and Poliça is embarking on a summer tour to celebrate the occasion. Check the dates here.