When we first posted GUNAKADEIT’s “South,” the singer told us that the song was about “finding solitude and comfort in your life when everything is overwhelming and following your intuition.” Today, she brings this message to life in the striking new clip for the track. The video is an abstract narrative interpretation of the song, beautifully shot, and directed by Liz Nistico of HOLYCHILD. Says Nistico of her work on the project:

Directing the GUNAKADEIT video was such an amazing experience. The song is so cool and interesting, so I was really inspired to create art alongside it. I listened to it three times and then saw the entire thing. I really wanted to capture the world of the song: it’s like living in a dark paradise, where beauty exists but is masked by our own thoughts and inhibitions. That’s what I was attempting to show with the video, that the world is beautiful and fucked up and both are the same thing. We’re all just trying to get by and squeeze some life out of living.

GUNAKADEIT expanded on this, stating:

The battle inside of us to conform or rebel, to live mindlessly in our own dystopian realities without any courage to escape is the struggle between the characters. It’s an unusual world but a familiar world at the same time, both fluid and awkward in the way that makes you feel human. Liz from HOLYCHILD made it easy to surrender to her creative vision. She’s such an intuitive and compassionate artist and it was so rewarding to collaborate with another band, that I love, and create something together!

Watch the moving video for GUNAKADEIT’s “South” above.