In the past few years, there’s been a somewhat sudden shift in the headlines that fill our newspapers and TV screens. School shootings, missing airlines, car crashes, and drug overdoses have become not just sensationalized happenings, but the every week norm. Over the last two weeks, two separate stabbings occurred, each done by children not even old enough to obtain a driver’s license.

It’s this loss of innocence Vicktor Taiwò beautifully explores on “Digital Kids,” as he delicately sings, “A kid like you isn’t supposed to know that the world is broken.” Today, he pairs this idea with an equally moving visual. The clip is a montage of Renaissance-era paintings that seem to come to life, slowly showing movement as the song progresses. Taiwò explains further of the song’s poignant message:

Before, children had time to think that the world was beautiful and I think that should be virulently protected. But now, you know what’s wrong with the world from such a young age. You have no time to be a child; you have no time to appreciate how beautiful this world is, and it is beautiful.

Taiwò will release his Mercury EP on Monday, July 7. Watch his stunning video for “Digital Kids” above.