All images via Jay Electronica on Twitter

This past weekend, Jay Electronica performed at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, bringing out  J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Mac Miller, and—in a complete and total power move—Jay Z. The two Jay’s performed ”Shiny Suit Theory,” “Young Gifted & Black,” “We Made It,” and “Public Service Announcement,” all of which you can watch here. Now that the dust has settled, Jay Electronica took to Twitter to share some photos from the event, and in all of them he looks totally and utterly iconic.

Whether he’s posing with Jay Z, standing with his mother, or showing off his new gold teeth, some combination of his pensive stare and that suit and tie give off a world leader/military commander/all-knowing superhero vibe. Check out 15 photos above, some of which Jay Elec tweeted with great captions, and click through to the end to read some thoughts from Jay on the state of music today.