In a new feature for The Guardian, 17-year-old Lorde opens up about some things she’s learned since her rapid ascent. It’s interesting stuff because whether you’re a fan of her music or not, her situation is a fascinating one: a teenager from New Zealand who went from completely unknown to having the No. 1 song in countries all over the world, including America, all in less than a year’s time.

As far as music, there’s not much to speak of. Lorde says that her second album is “hardly even started,” but she highlights a main difference: “The first album was about a really small world that the listener isn’t in, and it felt like a very insular world. Now I’m kind of a child of the world.”

A few other excerpts:

On controlling her image:
“If you use the internet you’re crafting a version of yourself that you want people to enjoy. On Facebook, when I was 13, all my tagged photos were photos that I wanted to be there. All my status updates were typed in exactly the right syntax. My bio was just how I wanted it. Everything was perfect. But I’d look at people who’d cropped their face out of a larger picture, so I’d click on the picture and it would just be a tiny square in a black box. I’d see the tiny picture in the black box and I’d think: ‘This person just can’t do their PR very well.’ That’s all the internet is: doing your own PR.”

On Kanye West:
He’s “like my school principal, if the school is pop.”

On pop culture and criticism:
“At the beginning, because I’m really interested in pop and pop culture and how things work and why something’s successful, I was just wanting to have a discussion about pop while forgetting that I was actually in it. Having the world weighing in on you from all sorts of different perspectives is intense, but the criticism I listen to most is what comes from people the same age as me; they’re the only people I care about liking my music.”

Read the entire story here.

And here’s Lorde covering Principal West’s “Hold My Liquor”