We saw the preview, and now we have the entire stunning short film/long music video for “The Golden Age,” the opener from Woodkid’s album of the same name. This is the fourth song from the album to have a glorious black and white video directed by Woodkid himself, and it’s the most expansive yet, stretching over ten minutes, and reflecting the themes of lost innocence and the end of childhood that Woodkid told us ran through The Golden Age.

The version of “The Golden Age” used in the video is a special extended edition, a collaboration with composer Max Richter. Check out the incredible video above. The extensive credits are below.

“The Golden Age”
Video Directed by Yoann Lemoine
Cinematography By Kasper Tuxen
Video Commissioner Pierre Le Ny
Produced By Iconoclast
Producer Roman Pichon Herrera
Line Producer Annabel Rosier
Visual Effects Yoann Lemoine
Flame Artist Hervé Thouement, Hugo Aymerich

US Team
Producer Christine Miller
Prod super Susan Porche
Art Director Chris Clayton
Stylist Mirin “midi” Soliz

Matvey Lykov
Jullian Kruithof
Shawnia Willson
Tia Landrum
Matt Page
Chase Grimsley
Brannon Hughes
Jonathan Douglas
Kerrington Hightower
Scott Douglas
Paisley Martin
Brinon Kruithof
Caleb Green
Russel Hightower
Nathalie Kay Dubose
Travis Merindino