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The rollout for Aphex Twin’s new album SYRO, his first new full length since 2001’s Drukqs, has been suitably obtuse. First there was a mysterious blimp in London and some stencils in New York, then there was the mysterious Deep Web announcement of the tracklist and album name, and finally confirmation of the artwork and tracklist along with a hilarious, multi-Google translated press release.

Richard D. James has given a few interviews around the new record, too, including one where he said that Kanye West, tried to “fucking rip me off.”

Today, Aphex Twin’s label Warp has announced that there will be advance listening events across Europe and North America for SYRO, open to the public via a lottery. The lottery opens Sunday August 31 at 7 a.m. EST and closes Tuesday September 2 at midnight.

You will be able to enter here.

Listening events:
09/05 London, England
09/05 Paris, France
09/06 New York, NY
09/06 Los Angeles, CA
09/07 Chicago, IL
09/07 Toronto, Ontario
09/08 – Brussels, Belgium
09/10 – Utrecht, Netherlands

UPDATE: Aphex Twin spoke about his fans’ influence on SYRO in a recent interview with Rolling Stone:

As much as I like to think I don’t really like fans – I mean, it’s not very healthy. You can’t be thinking about keeping other people happy, going in circles. But that was really touching, and really sweet. And I’m getting a bit older. It’s like, “Okay. People out there really, really want stuff off me, so I can’t deny it. Let’s put it out.

He also shared a look at the album’s box set.

Image via Designers Republic/Aphex Twin

Image via Designers Republic/Aphex Twin

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