Feels like it’s been a WHILE since we’ve heard a Danny Brown freestyle. I remember him spitting on Sway In The Morning last August, but he was also on album promo mode. Charlie Sloth recently had Danny Brown in the BBC Radio 1 studios and put him to the test. The result? One of my instant favorite “Fire In The Booth” sessions, ever. I can’t help it: I’m a child of hearing dope MCs spitting on the radio on some freestyle shit. Especially when it’s Danny spitting over Earl Sweatshirt’s “Chum,” Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” and a bunch of other beats (including some UK grime shit towards the end).

Not only does Danny shout out Wiley, but he even pulls out the phone for some bars he doesn’t have memorized. Kind of amazing to see Danny in mid-spit forget his lyrics and start laughing. See how many soundboard laughs you can catch. Also, how many of these lyrics are from forthcoming singles/album cuts? Whatever the case may be, spend five minutes of your night soaking in some uncut Danny Brown.

(Nah Right)