For as long as hip-hop has existed, one element of a good show has been getting the audience involved, but you can only direct the crowd to throw their hands in the air so many times in one night. Childish Gambino figured out a way to include an app as an integral part of the concert experience with the Deep Web Tour App, and for The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour, interaction gets taken to another level. The concert experience is set in a Street Fighter-inspired world where Lil Wayne and his Young Money companion Drake battle it out and a mobile app lets fans take part.

Before the concert started, the DvsLW app was a little unclear, but it all made sense when Drake and Wayne’s tour kicked off at the Darien Lake Performance Arts Center in New York last night. The app allows fans to vote to decide who comes out on stage first and to decide who wins at the end of the night. Throughout the concert, Drake and Wayne take playful shots at each other and go head to head with a friendly competitive spirit. Read more about the night (and see video of Drake flying above the audience while clinging on to a stripper pole) at MTV. See more images at

On night one, Lil Wayne came out on top after the fan vote. See tour dates and get tickets here.