Selling records isn’t easy in 2014, but Jack White managed to pull it off in a major way. His latest album Lazaretto has sold over 60,000 copies on vinyl since its June release, and it’s the best-selling vinyl album of the last 20 years. The last album to sell this well: Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy in 1994. In 2013, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories sold 49,000 copies on vinyl.

One explanation for the proportionally gigantic sales numbers for Jack White’s album on vinyl—which account for about a quarter of his total sales—is that his vinyl is full of extras. There’s a locked groove, tracks hidden underneath the label of the record, three speeds, alternate versions, dual grooves, and it’s the first record to ever feature holograms. When you play it, little angels hover over the record. You can see that in the video above and the GIF below.

Released via XL recordings, Lazaretto reached No.1 on the US albums chart and has sold just under 250,000 copies overall.