Image via GQ

Image via GQ

Wow. Where to start with British newspaper The Daily Mail (the second biggest selling daily newspaper in the UK) and their article on Earl Sweatshirt and A-Trak’s reactions to Taylor Swift’s new video? The piece starts:

Two members of California hip-hop collective Odd Future have weighed in on the video – despite admitting to not having even watched it – slamming the 24-year-old for ‘perpetuating black stereotypes’ with her attempts at break dancing and twerking.

Okay, so we knew that Earl Sweatshirt reacted strongly to Taylor Swift’s new video, but we hadn’t noticed another member of Odd Future weighing in. Maybe Tyler had something to say? Or Frank Ocean even. After scrolling down past the text of Earl’s Tweets we get to this absolutely fantastic sentence:

Bandmate Flan Emoji also piped up, adding: ‘You know what this Taylor Swift video is missing? Some nice graffiti by Bieber. Let’s be urban, everyone! Yay, cupcakes.’

To compound their error, and prove that fact checking—even for a major publication—is well and truly dead, they included this split photo of Earl and A-Trak with a handy caption explaining who they are.


Also embedded were A-Trak’s tweets (which even have “atrak” in his Twitter handle).

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 1.12.44 PM

Good job all round, Daily Mail!

Watch Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video below.