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Before her set during the final day of Glastonbury, Annie Clark aka St. Vincent took some time out to talk to The Guardian. In a short and candid interview, Annie discusses a few things, including her weirdo past as an outsider Nirvana fan in Texas who doesn’t go to church.

On Kurt Cobain and being one of four women to perform with Nirvana at the Hall of Fame induction:

I wish that Kurt was alive and no one else had to sing those songs. The thing that was cool to remember was that they came up in that Olympia scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s, which was really feminist and queer and punk, which kind of gets whitewashed in their history. This was a really nice way to honor that.

On being a weirdo:

It really did feel like Nirvana was a band for outsiders, that just happened to reach millions and millions of people. I always felt like a weirdo, and I was. [Texas] is a hotbed of… very conservative values. So even if you stick out by a thread, you’re going to be perceived very much as a freak… So you have to own it… I made a place with music where I could exist and not feel weird and alien.

On church:

My last day in a church was the day I got confirmed. But yeah, I think it affects you, even if it’s not fire and brimstone in your house.

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