I hate lyric videos. I really do. In theory, they are harmless—just videos that feature all the words to a song, right? But they always feel like marketing schemes, like less-cool music videos whose objective is to suck viewers in with familiarity. Once you know all the words to a song, you’re basically a fan, right?

It is very rare that you will see a lyric video posted on Pigeons & Planes, but this is an exception, for a couple of reasons. First of all, as much as I hate lyric videos, I know that they work to get listeners engaged with songs. There are studies on that, probably. And if they work, then this is one worth seeing, because Sway Clarke II deserves you all as fans. He’s awesome and we should all listen to him until he is a star. Also, when this version of “Secret Garden” came out, we drafted a post and accidentally never published it. We didn’t realize the mistake until days later. So here we are.

“Secret Garden” will officially be out September 9. Hear the first version without Tink here. And learn all the words below.