Earlier this week, Britney Spears tweeted a video of her doing an impression of Woody Woodpecker. It’s great. No really, it’s actually pretty good. Katy Perry tweeted her approval of the impression, to which Spears responded, “You’re up next. You have 24 hours to do your best impression.” Perry took this very literal and showed up to the VMAs in the same outfit as Brit circa 2001. On her arm was Riff Raff, filling in for Spears’ then boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s, role.

Except not many people got that it was Riff Raff. Instead, a lot of VMA viewers thought it was James Franco, dressing up as his Spring Breakers role, Alien. This was a common misconception early last year, but it seems people still can’t tell the two apart. Here are a bunch of VMA viewers who still don’t know the difference between James Franco’s Alien, and Riff Raff.