Up-and-comer Raury has gained a lot of comparisons to André 3000, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Taking a few stylistic cues from the Outkast member whilst doing his own thing, the young singer/rapper has gained a lot of attention from some of his biggest inspirations. In fact, Raury recently opened for Outkast during one of their reunion shows in Atlanta. Whilst talking to Life and Times, André spoke about the comparisons, and even gave him some pretty sound advice:

There’s a fair comparison with Raury. I think Raury is stepping out and pushing it though. That’s fair considering he’s not a straight and narrow kind of artist and going for his own thing. I just saw him the other day when he opened up for us in Atlanta and I think he’s a dreaming artist with good ideas and I hope he’ll grow and we give him his room to grow. The biggest thing I would tell him is fuck listening to everybody and just go for it. I hate when people try to compare artists because we are all totally different individuals and we all grow.

(Life and Times)