The city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin has a population of less than 70,000. One of those people is Justin Vernon. The Bon Iver/Volcano Choir frontman was born and raised in Eau Claire, and he still lives there today. Years ago, Kanye West was scheduled to visit the city to work with Justin, but his flight got canceled. From above, Eau Claire looks like this.

The city is about to get some major attention and a big economic boost thanks to Vernon’s plans for a new indie rock music festival. The Eaux Claire Music and Arts Festival was recently granted the necessary permits, and according to The Current, organizers anticipate 25,000 attendees and millions of dollars in tourism revenue generated.

The set-up includes two outdoor stages, one tented stage, and on-site camping at Foster Farm from Thursday, July 16 to Sunday, July 19. So far, none of the lineup has been revealed.

“It’s a very major economic impact,” President and CEO of the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce Bob McCoy told WEAU. “Looking at what Justin wants to do, and having somebody like that, you can look around for a long time trying to find somebody that will bring that kind of venue and that kind of magnitude into the community, and it falls in your lap, it’s really kind of cool and he’s a pretty awesome guy and he’s made some investments in the community.”

“I think it’s cool that it’s an indie rock festival,” Michael Stubel of Visit Eau Claire added, “We’ve got country, we’ve got rock that we cover but this is a new and growing segment of music and I think it’s got a lot of people who really like it so it’s great that it’s finally coming to Eau Claire on a grand scale.”

You can see all the details of the festival on the Eau Claire County permit for the event.